A complex system providing tools for managing internal processes within the printshop as well as front-end for potential customers.


I had a lot of fun designing interface for Printmanager. My hands were free so I managed to sneak in a lot of smooth functionality. The interface was given a lot of drag & drop features as well with some neat UI elements .

In short, screens are based on these use cases:

  • Managing new orders
  • Customizing your range of printable products & pricing policy
  • Managing product categorisation for these products
  • interface for customer, where the order is specified


Product Illustration

It was crucial to give the client some unspecific icons to cover most basic products that printshops offer. For that purpose a set of illustrations was created.


System icons

To capture the process ongoing in Print shops I have created an icon set that is able to map every step in the process of the print for any order. This means you are able to track the project through DTP, printing, shipping and all other essential steps.


File icons

Printshops work with various data formats. To adress this within the interface of the Printmanager I have created a set of the most common file formats.