CO-founders was a project in 2016 that aimed to attract investors and entrepreneurs. The goal was to connect these two groups to allow projects to start, which otherwise would not be possible without the two meeting.


Solas Recruitment

Solas Recruitment is another recruiting site done for our clients. The goal for this site was to create a cheerful yet contemporary look. I believe it went quite well.

Icons for expertise fields

In 2014 decided that it was time for a new logo. There was a contest among the designers that  occupied the web at the time. I have to say there was a significant amount of very well executed designs presented by the other contestants. I feel mine was picked up since it best expressed the cheekiness of the brand.


YouRecruit is a system that provides Recruitment agencies with tools to spread its job offers across job posting sites. After the successful candidate is found, YouRecruit also provides tools to remove these offers to prevent candidates from applying for positions which have already been filled.


The rework of YouRecruit was a brainteaser. The original system lacked any structure with functionality lying all over the place with no particular order. My belief was that i could bless this mess and turn it into a well mannered interface. I had to keep in mind that this system is already used by many companies so the changes had to be smooth, yet radical.



A complex system providing tools for managing internal processes within the printshop as well as front-end for potential customers.


I had a lot of fun designing interface for Printmanager. My hands were free so I managed to sneak in a lot of smooth functionality. The interface was given a lot of drag & drop features as well with some neat UI elements .

In short, screens are based on these use cases:

  • Managing new orders
  • Customizing your range of printable products & pricing policy
  • Managing product categorisation for these products
  • interface for customer, where the order is specified


Product Illustration

It was crucial to give the client some unspecific icons to cover most basic products that printshops offer. For that purpose a set of illustrations was created.


System icons

To capture the process ongoing in Print shops I have created an icon set that is able to map every step in the process of the print for any order. This means you are able to track the project through DTP, printing, shipping and all other essential steps.


File icons

Printshops work with various data formats. To adress this within the interface of the Printmanager I have created a set of the most common file formats.


Mascot Basty

In 2007 I cooperated with the Czech company I pushed the idea of a mascot and so Basty was born.

Collins McNicholas

Collins McNicholas is recruitment agency situated in Ireland with offices across the country. They have been clients for a long time and in 2018 they asked us for a new website to better represent their services.

Icon set



Our Logo. The inspiration comes from programming terminology. As a graduated programmer myself I was always intrigued with the allegory of an object in object programing – the black box. You put something in and without the knowledge of how the box works, something else comes out. Since information systems are kind of our thing, this idea seemed a very good fit for us.


Nestforms is a public query solution on-line app. It allows its users to create and share forms. It provides many tools to work with gathered data.


Nestforms is an app opened to the public. This means that every user is able to start an account and begin to create forms and share these forms with users that he or she befriended on Nestforms. If the user is not a member of a small group but rather a huge company gathering data he or she is provided with tools to review and analyse the data.



In the past we have struggled to add a little bit of personality to our project. I came up with these guys. We began to use them in news thumbnails, ads for plan upgrade and so on.


Icon set

For a huge project like Nestforms with varying functionality comes a huge demand for icons. About a hundred diferent icons were made to fulfill these demands.