CO-founders was a project in 2016 that aimed to attract investors and entrepreneurs. The goal was to connect these two groups to allow projects to start, which otherwise would not be possible without the two meeting.


The idea revolves around “&” sign. With a little bit of tweaking the sign can reveal the letter “c” and “f” within its lines.


The winner of the mini competition among designers working with

The logo still remains as a logo for the company until this day.




System that equips recruitment agencies with tools to share, and manage, their posts on job offering sites.




A complex system providing tools for managing internal processes within the printshop as well as front-end for potential customers.

Product Illustration

It was crucial to give the client some unspecific icons to cover most basic products that printshops offer. For that purpose a set of illustrations was created.

System icons

To capture the process ongoing in Print shops I have created an icon set that is able to map every step in the process of the print for any order. This means you are able to track the project through DTP, printing, shipping and all other essential steps.

File icons

Printshops work with various data formats. To adress this within the interface of the Printmanager I have created a set of the most common file formats.



Mascot Basty

I cooperated with the Czech company I suggested the idea of a mascot. Gave some sketches and Basty was born.



BlackBox logo

Logo for personal small project. The black box represents the concept well known in programming. An object that you have no knowledge on how it internally operates. Only information you have is what it returns based on your input.


Nestforms is a public query solution on-line app. It allows its users to create and share forms. It provides many tools to work with gathered data.


Nestforms is an app opened to the public. This means that every user is able to start an account and begin to create forms and share these forms with users that he or she befriended on Nestforms. If the user is not a member of a small group but rather a huge company gathering data he or she is provided with tools to review and analyse the data.


In the past we have struggled to add a little bit of personality to our project. I came up with these guys. We began to use them in news thumbnails, ads for plan upgrade and so on.

Icon set

For a huge project like Nestforms with varying functionality comes a huge demand for icons. About a hundred diferent icons were made to fulfill these demands.