Šance pro tebe is an organization helping people in difficult life situations. By educating and supporting its client it helps them take their lifes under control again.

Responsive design

it’s 2019 and every webpage should have a responsive design. This is no exception a therefore the web is fully responsive.

Corporate identity

Orange and green were original colors of the organization and therefore was crucial to keep them in. In 2019 this combination of colors is no longer well received, so creating a visual with this particular combination that feels modern, was a real challenge here.

Logo redesign

Updating a logo is a big step for company or organization. If done incorrectly it completly buries the feel of the company. Company should evolve, get mature not change completely and lose character. Therefore the was few design goals a had in my mind. I needed to keep the logo based on shapes, I needed to preserve the colors and finaly get a symbolize the meaning of the company within. The meaning that even though we are different we share the same society which problems we carry together. I’m very happy with the result.