Fleetware is a closed aplication for the purposes of technical fleet management. Widely used by ambulances, firefighters, waste management companies etc.


Designing this interface challenged me to fit an extreme amount of data into the limited space of a screen. I also had to work with the fact that the previous version of the system was already in use by many companies. Meaning I had to assume that many users will be used to an old one.


In 2017 a communal service conference was held. Salesmen were provided with this promovideo to aid their presentation.


Mobile version

The mobile version brought the challenge of deciding on what to keep as a functionality for the mobile user. The monstrous nature of the browser application was just too difficult to tame into the mobile version. The result is an app that is prioritised toward checking the data at the expense of editing.


Icon set

The icon set for the Fleetware was the most extensive set I have ever made. More than a 100 icons were created to fulfill all the functions and indications of the Fleetware.