Managment tool for shift operated bussinesses. It aims to solve dynamic scheduling and communication.

Rich visual language

All of the application is tied to uniform visual communication. The idea is that you can use application as is, and longer you use it you’ll be able to read more information just by simple glance.

Easy management

Application strives to make managing as pleasant as possible. Replacing any unnecessary rigid forms with more interactive and visually telling elements.

Join the crew

One profile, multiple schedules. Specifically made for workers that move between establishments to allow workers to manage shifts and availabilities across the board.

Logo design

The logo, although very abstract, contains two elements that symbolizes Shiftrr.

One is the letter “S” laid sideways.

The second one is two people “meeting in the door” when switching shifts.

FOB 3.0



Tablet application for various vehicle fleets. Including ambulances, waste management trucks, security patrols.


In chaotic environment as is ambulance evacuation of a critically injured patient you need clear and easily accessible UI. Buttons are bigger than is usual for tablet apps and important information is highlighted to allow for intuitive handling done by instict.


Vehicle often resides in state. For example an ambulance might be heading towards injury or operating in the building while vehicle remains parked and unmanned. Driver needs to know in which state the vehicle is set.

Šance pro Tebe


Šance pro tebe

Non-profit organization that provide help for people in difficult situations. The project was a new website along with new visual identity.

Responsive design

An upgrade, compared to an old web, that had none.

Corporate identity

While keeping the same colors, the visuals went to much modern look with meaning behind them (more about that in the logo section)

Logo redesign

The initial thought behind the shapes in the logo came from the old one. It was the link to the old. However in search of adding meaning to the logo I’ve imbued the shapes with a characters. The round orange one – pretty much a character that is in its most natural “easy” form. And the rectangular green one that is shaped with purpose. Its meaning is to help those in circular form to shape up so that they would not end up rolling downhill on the slope of life.

Dobrá čajovna


Dobrá čajovna Pardubice

Tearoom located in city Pardubice. The project was a new website with menu that can be dynamically filtered.

Tea filter

Tea menu can get quite overwhelming due to amount of items on the menu. The dynamic filter and iconography to explain servings helps navigate the options.

Legální neřesti


Legalní Neřesti

Legalní Neřesti is a multi-cultural festival featuring music, theatre and other art forms. It’s name translates as “Legal Vices”.




Smart app for recruitment companies and their employees. It’s main objective is to offer open shifts to registered users with them able to fill-in the position.


you have not applied for any shift

Applied for a shift

and currently waiting for approval


you shift request have been approved

Types of shifts

Morning shift

shift starts from 3:00 am to 10:00 am

Afternoon shift

shift starts from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Night shift

shift starts from  4:00 pm to 3:00 am


You are easily able to define on which days you are available. Colors are then translated through the system.


available for full day


not available for the day


default option

Partially available

Other colors may apply




Paleťáci is Czech improvisational theater. The project was new logo alongside new identity and promotional materials.






Pattiserie situated in Zaječice, Czech Republic. They specializes in making high quality dessert and cakes.



InTime 24

InTime 24 is a project by InTime a.s. a czech transportation company. The goal of this project was to attract new clients with a new logistic solution for bussinesses ranged from small to largest.


Used for expo-stand 2017.


Used for personal distribution to clients.


Various logos to suit the purposes of the brand.

Radium Fleetware



Fleetware is a tool for managing large fleet of vehicles. It various uses lists among others: ambulances, waste management, patrols.


While redesigning the Fleetware for web there was need to make gentle changes so users of the old system would not have trouble adapting a new design. But at same time there was a need to remove some old and dated patterns.


In 2017 a communal service conference was held. Salesmen were provided with this promovideo to aid their presentation.

Mobile version

In case of Fleetware it was obvious that functionality would need to be limited in order to make it useful on mobile. App served more as a monitor that management tool.

Icon set

The icon set for the Fleetware was the most extensive set I have ever made. More than a 100 icons were created to fulfill all the functions and indications of the Fleetware.