is a SAS solution for small to mid shift operated business. It solves issues of staff management with high focus on  communication.

FOB 3.0


Is a solution for specialized driver tasks, including: ambulances, waste managment, security etc. Due to this, the design must be modular and easily expandable. It’s achieved in the form of modules, where UI for various tasks are implemented as buttons in the left corner, which will open panel for that task if pressed.



In chaotic environment as is ambulance evacuation of a critically injured patient you need clear and easily accessible UI. Buttons are bigger than is usual for tablet apps and important information is highlighted to allow for intuitive handling done by instict.



Vehicle often resides in state. For example an ambulance might be heading towards injury or operating in the building while vehicle remains parked and unmanned. Driver needs to know in which state the vehicle is set.

Šance pro Tebe

Šance pro tebe is an organization helping people in difficult life situations. By educating and supporting its client it helps them take their lifes under control again.

Responsive design

it’s 2019 and every webpage should have a responsive design. This is no exception a therefore the web is fully responsive.

Corporate identity

Orange and green were original colors of the organization and therefore was crucial to keep them in. In 2019 this combination of colors is no longer well received, so creating a visual with this particular combination that feels modern, was a real challenge here.

Logo redesign

Updating a logo is a big step for company or organization. If done incorrectly it completly buries the feel of the company. Company should evolve, get mature not change completely and lose character. Therefore the was few design goals a had in my mind. I needed to keep the logo based on shapes, I needed to preserve the colors and finaly get a symbolize the meaning of the company within. The meaning that even though we are different we share the same society which problems we carry together. I’m very happy with the result.

Dobrá čajovna

Dobrá čajovna


The webpage for Dobrá Čajovna franchise. Dobrá čajovna translates into Good Tearoom and purpouse of the web is to inform visitor about opening hours and to learn a bit more about excessive tea menu which consist from about 60 different teas.

Tea tiles

as mentioned, I needed to present the teas with as much information about tea, without making the whole look overwelming. I used an icons to indicate tea origin, its color, price and possible methods of serving.

Icons – origin countries

Icons – serving options

Legální neřesti

Legalní Neřesti

Legalní Neřesti is a multi-cultural festival featuring music, theatre and other art forms. It’s name translates as “Legal Vice” and that describes the festival very well. I went with it and created a very psychadelic visual for the festival with a lot of colors and anonymity as a theme.




Smart app for recruitment companies and their employees. It’s main objective is to offer open shifts to registered users with them able to fill-in the position.


you have not applied for any shift

Applied for a shift

and currently waiting for approval


you shift request have been approved

Types of shifts

Morning shift

shift starts from 3:00 am to 10:00 am

Afternoon shift

shift starts from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Night shift

shift starts from  4:00 pm to 3:00 am


You are easily able to define on which days you are available. Colors are then translated through the system.


available for full day


not available for the day


default option

Partially available

Other colors may apply


Paleťáci is Czech improvisational theater. It’s origin begins in tearoom Paleta which means palette. When revisiting a concept of a logo I had this idea of combining the style so typical for czech animated films – thick layers of paint and twisted caligraphy.




InTime 24 is a project by InTime a.s. a czech transportation company. The goal of this project was to attract new clients with a new logistic solution for bussinesses ranged from small to largest.



For purposes of the campaign we needed a central point to review info about the service. We created a microsite to direct potential clients to.


Expo-stand video

soundless video



Used for expo-stand 2017.



Used for personal distribution to clients.



Various logos to suit the purposes of the brand.

Radium Fleetware

Fleetware is a closed aplication for the purposes of technical fleet management. Widely used by ambulances, firefighters, waste management companies etc.


Designing this interface challenged me to fit an extreme amount of data into the limited space of a screen. I also had to work with the fact that the previous version of the system was already in use by many companies. Meaning I had to assume that many users will be used to an old one.


In 2017 a communal service conference was held. Salesmen were provided with this promovideo to aid their presentation.


Mobile version

The mobile version brought the challenge of deciding on what to keep as a functionality for the mobile user. The monstrous nature of the browser application was just too difficult to tame into the mobile version. The result is an app that is prioritised toward checking the data at the expense of editing.


Icon set

The icon set for the Fleetware was the most extensive set I have ever made. More than a 100 icons were created to fulfill all the functions and indications of the Fleetware.